Jordi Alba: I would have exploded before Neymar did, he has a lot of patience

Sunday was a special day for Jordi Alba back in his L'Hospitalet home as a stadium was opened carrying his name. Alba was present and was shown enormous amounts of affection from his 'neighbours'. 

The Barcelona left-back took advantage of the occasion to comment on the ban dished out to Neymar after incidents in Brazil's match with Colombia at the Copa America. He didn't bite his tongue: "I think that it is unfair, but those in charge are those in charge. It is clear that he's a player that's targetted. I would have exploded before him, for sure. Neymar has a lot of patience." 

Alba added: "I don't think he's being persecuted, but he is an important player for Brazil and for Barça and for that reason people do go after him. He has a style of play that everyone would love to have, but not everyone can do it. I'm the first in that regard." 

Bartra and Pedro 

As for Marc Bartra and Pedro, Alba said that he hopes they "both stay" and praised Luis Enrique's contract renewal as fantasic. "The best news we could have had was Luis Enrique signing a new deal. He's completely changed the dressing room. The atmosphere could not be any better. The best signing is the manager," he explained. 

Jordi Alba was also asked about the possibility of Sergio Ramos appearing as a pawn in Barcelona's elections this summer. "I don't think he will come to Barça. I would never play for Real Madrid because of my feelings. I get on well with him, though, and I wish him the best, but I'd be surprised if he came here."

Now is the time for a holiday. "After a great season" Alba will spend some time relaxing "with friends and family." 


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