Joan Laporta's board discover suspicious contracts

The club paid people just less than 200,000 euros, at which point there are internal controls

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Joan Laporta’s board are learning more about Barcelona’s economic reality day to day. Their audit is revealing more problems for the club. Per Goal, they have found dozens of contracts signed for around 200,00 euros. None of them go over that number, because anything more than that would be submitted to the club adjudications committee. Many are worth 198,000, 196,000 and 199,000, and are related to Espai Barca. That implies they were designed not to be analysed, strange at the very least.

We have seen how Josep Maria Bartomeu’s board made bills for I3 Ventures which did not go over 200,000 euros. 

Goal say Laporta’s stafff are not surprised by finding these ‘gifts’ although it does not mean they aren’t angry. “It was expected,” they said.

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