Joan Laporta breaks his silence on the Super League

He says it's 'necessary' and that Barca socios will be able to vote on it in the future

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta has spoken for the first time in public about the club’s participation in the suspended European Super League. The Barcelona director had not previously made clear his opinion but he was asked by Esport3 at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell tennis tournament.

“We had a position of prudence,” said Laporta. “It’s a necessity, but the last word will be the socios’. The big clubs bring a lot of resources and we have to be able to give our point of view regarding the economic division (of funds).

“The Super League has to be an attractive competition based on sporting merit.

“We are defenders of the domestic leagues and we are open to open dialogue with UEFA.

“We need more resources to make this a big spectacle. 

“There has been pressure on some clubs but the proposal still exists. We make important investments, salaries are very high and all these considerations have to be taken into account in the same way as the sporting merit.”

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