Javier Tebas: "The 'Negreira case' keeps me awake at night"

Javier Tebas: "The 'Negreira case' keeps me awake at night"

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"This is the most serious attack on the reputation and integrity of the competition that has happened to us in the history of football," said the president of La Liga at the 'MARCA Sport Weekend'.

Javier Tebas has spoken again about the 'Negreira case'. This time it was at the 'MARCA Sport Weekend', where he reported that it is a subject that "takes away his sleep". "It keeps me awake at night because it is the most serious reputational and competition integrity issue that has ever happened in the history of football. I insist it is the most serious integrity concern that Spanish football has faced. I don't sleep well with this issue," said the La Liga president.

On Barça's reaction, Tebas asserted that "they convey calmness, but they convey it to everyone, to their fans... We need explanations. I think they should be worried. You have to recall what happened on the first day. Within an hour and a half of the news being released, Barcelona issued a note saying that everyone did it. From then on, there were no explanations. They shouldn't be calm with what is going on, they shouldn't be calm".

As for the case being time-barred, the La Liga president added that "it is an apparent problem. It is a problem for us because in terms of the reputation we would have taken measures like in the 'Osasuna case' and a few months ago the people who presided over it ended up in jail, also like the club in my city for a betting case... We have to act quickly".

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