It goes from bad to worse for Ronaldinho in Paraguay

The company which took the Brazilian star to Paraguay didn't appear in court to defend him due to the coronavirus outbreak

Así fue el debut (con goles y asistencias) de Ronaldinho en un torneo en la prisión de Paraguay | TWITTER.

Ronaldinho Gaucho, and his brother Roberto de Assis, remain incarcerated in a Paraguayan prison, just as they have since the 6th March. They are accused of entering the country via false passports and the businesswoman who organised their visit, Dalia Lopez, is yet to present herself in the ongoing proceedings. 

Joaquim Piera


It's the worst case scenario for Ronaldinho and his brother as Dalia Lopez, who is accused of leading an organised crime gang, remains at large and could be declared in contempt of court.

Dalia's lawyers appeared in court, along with a doctor's note, stating the reason she wasn't appearing in person was due to the coronavirus outbreak. She suffers from type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure so would be considered part of the 'at risk' group when it comes to the disease.

The testimony of Dalia Lopez is fundamental in clearing the names of Ronaldinho and his brother.

The prosecution claims the company acquired the false documents for the pair. If they accept the blame, both the player and his brother will be released from prison. 


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