Iñigo Martínez resigned himself to join Barça only in 2023


Iñigo Martínez resigned himself to join Barça only in 2023

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Athletic have rejected FC Barcelona's offer of 15 million euros and are closed to negotiations

The possible signing of Iñigo Martínez by Barça has been postponed. They made an offer to Athletic of 15 million euros, plus another 5 million in bonuses, but it was rejected by the Bilbao club and the file has been closed until next January.

Iñigo Martínez's contract expires next June, so from January, he is free to negotiate for any other club. Iñigo is clear he will not renew with Athletic and will instead sign for FC Barcelona.

The player will sign for Barcelona in 2023 unless there are unexpected changes. If Barça keep their word, Iñigo Martínez will wear will arrive at the club with the letter of freedom. Until then, he will not make any more moves. His focus will be on Atheltic and will try to get into the list for the World Cup in Qatar 2022, and from 2023 make the leap to Barça.

The defender already missed out on the chance to play at Barça in 2017 and will not allow another one to pass him by. He knows he has the confidence of Xavi Hernandez, and he will be valuable as a left-footed centre-back.

The player would arrive at the experienced age of 32, and complete the defensive line. In what is a mixture of young and veteran players, Iñigo would contribute to the process of rebuilding and come at no cost, similar to Christensen and Kessie this season.

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