Ilaix Moriba mess: Leipzig, Tottenham or a year on the sidelines at Barça

The midfielder's move to Germany hasn't gone as smoothly as his agents wanted

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Barcelona have ended up making problems for Ilaix Moriba. The player told the club he was not going to renew his contract and was going to RB Leipzig, either transferring this summer or for free next year. Ilaix's camp's idea was to press Barça into formalising a low-cost transfer, but that's not worked out. Barça opened talks with various clubs and have told the player they are ready to sell to Tottenham but not to Leipzig. Everything is now in the player's hands.

The player's agents closed a pre-agreement with Leipzig weeks ago in which they are due to receive a succulent commission, with a big wage for Ilaix (even bigger if he moves for free). Last Friday, Leipzig offered six million euros, and then later eight million, but they have not raised the offer since given his contract expires next summer.

Barça, therefore, stepped up talks with other clubs, but especially with Tottenham. The Premier League side are ready to go to 15 million plus add-ons. The situation has been made clear to Ilaix, who knows the club will only accept an offer of similar value. Either Leipzig match those numbers or Barça will refuse to sell him, on which case he will spend the next year on the sidelines not playing. Checkmate.

Ilaix has begun to change his mind given that threat and asked his camp to listen to Spurs, but they don't want to given their pact with Leipzig. There is tension between Ilaix and his camp. Barça have given them the weekend to reach a decision and, if possible, bring them an acceptable offer. Either he pulls out of the Leipzig deal and goes to Tottenham, Leipzig match Tottenham's offer, or he stays at Barça for a year. It's a huge mess.



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