How the 'final' meeting over Ousmane Dembele's future went


How the 'final' meeting over Ousmane Dembele's future went

The French forward wants a better offer than has been made to him by Barca

Encouraged by Xavi Hernández, the main defender of Ousmane Dembélé staying at the club, representatives of FC Barcelona and the player's agent met this Monday at the club's offices to try to bring their positions closer together and seal an agreement, which has not arrived.

Contrary to what was announced by some sources, Barcelona did not present any new offer in this meeting (lower it was claimed) to pressure the French player due to his theoretical lack of offers, but it was the player's own agent who explained to the sports department that if Barcelona maintained the conditions offered that have been on the table for several months, Dembélé could not accept them.

As reported yesterday by SPORT, Ousmane has several proposals and is delaying any decision due to his desire to continue at Barça, but he hopes that the club will make an effort to approach the financial offers that have come to him. “Under these conditions, he will not continue," said the player's agent.

Representatives for Barcelona explained to the other party the complications they have in terms of making an improved offer and fitting into the financial fair play scheme imposed by LaLiga. They listed the economic difficulties that they are suffering due to the difficulty of activating the economic levers so that the player is aware of the effort that Barcelona are making to reach the numbers presented.

Barça refused to present a new offer or a future one, but the two parties gave themselves a couple of days to make a final decision. The player wants to choose this week where he will play next season but he is giving Barça time to analyze whether, within their capabilities, they can present a new, economically more attractive, offer. The club did not commit to anything, just to look over the chance of a deal.

So, Dembele’s situation continues the same way. The case is a step close to being solved but there have been no significant changes and it doesn’t look great for him staying.

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