How Barca are handling the delicate Lamine Yamal situation

How Barca are handling the delicate Lamine Yamal situation

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The Blagurana youngster could go on to become one of the team's big stars

Lamine Yamal is one of the jewels of the Barça youth academy. Because of his quality and his tricky play, he is destined to be one of the great players in the first team in the coming years. That is why the club wants to take care of the smallest detail with him.

This is how to understand the talks, advice and care that the player has received in recent weeks not only from his coaches, but also from educators and professionals at the club. Lamine Yamal, who will turn sixteen in July, was involved in a serious act of indiscipline a few weeks ago when he was training with the Spanish U-17 national team led by Julen Guerrero in the Algarve together with a player from Real Madrid and another from Atlético de Madrid.

He was sanctioned by the Spanish Federation, which in turn spoke to Barça. Lamine Yamal, who weeks ago changed agent, leaving Iván De la Peña and joining Jorge Mendes' portfolio, was sent back to the Blaugrana club. He was made to see that what happened could not happen again and that, now that he is about to make the leap to professional football, he must be careful and measure all his actions.

The player admitted his mistake and promised that he would never again commit an act of indiscipline, accepting the sanction handed down by the club, the same sanction that Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid handed down to their players. The sanction was four matches without playing for the youth team coached by Òscar López.

After admitting their mistake, Barça have also decided to pamper Lamine Yamal. It has already made his agent, Jorge Mendes, aware of the future plan it has for the player, who is due to sign his first professional contract in July. Part of this plan has already started. This explains why the player has been training with the first team under Xavi in the last few days.

Lamine Yamal is a player that the coach from Terrassa likes a lot, who wants to closely follow his development and start modulating his football, taking into account that he is one step away from making the leap to professionalism and that Barça has the commitment of Mendes to sign a deal for his continuity in the Catalan club.

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