How Antoine Griezmann's contract with Barca will be

The deal between the player and the club is total

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Barcelona are tying up the loose ends so that Antoine Griezmann can play for them next season. The club have reached a deal with the player’s sister, who is also his agent, regarding the number in the deal. They will put him at the top of the team’s pay grade, beaten only by Leo Messi.

Albert Masnou


Griezmann will sign for five seasons and get 15m euros net each year. On top of that will be bonuses for reaching objectives, the largest related to winning titles.

The French forward will also get a nice signing on fee, which will be added to the 100 million that Barca must pay Atletico on July 1.

Griezmann’s 15m a season puts him in the second tier of Barca pay, if Messi alone is the first tier. He will earn similar numbers to Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan signed on until 2021.

Atletico have offered two contract renewals to Griezmann without success in the last few weeks. In Madrid there’s speculation that they could pay him up to 25m a season but he wants to join Barca.

Griezmann has the excitement of playing alongside Leo Messi and forming another historic trident alone with Luis Suarez.


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