Here are the consequences at Barça after the disastrous Copa defeat

The board have highlighted certain players for their performances in recent weeks and has vowed to sell some of their top earners

 Directiva, secretaría técnica y plantilla buscan culpables del mal final de curso del equipo | sport

As if a quote from A Game of Thrones, the response following Barça's defeat was: "Burn it all."

Albert Masnou

"We had high expectations because we were two steps away from winning the treble," Pique said following the loss to Valencia. "This is really tough to take and it looks like, from the outside, there will need to be a lot of changes. But those opinions will be less severe in time and it isn't the moment to make rash decisions."

That calm Pique was waiting for hasn't been present since defeat in Sevilla condemned Barça to just the LaLiga crown this season. Players, the board, everyone is frustrated and angry. Something has to change.

Josep Maria Bartomeu and the board had a meeting as did the players. All, secretly, voiced who they felt were responsible for the drop in form.

Valverde consuela a Lenglet

Valverde can be removed from the both sides as the board and the players both said he wasn't to blame. It's a different story when it comes to the fan base though. They also singled out the team for being 'too old', that certain players put personal interests ahead of the club, others who are earning far too much money for their current level of performances and lastly those who hold too much influence in the dressing room when it comes to transfers.


The decision to 'veto' the signing of Antoine Griezmann by the Barça squad upset the sporting department. They wanted the French forward to break up the power certain people have in the dressing room. Griezmann would complement both Messi and Suarez. The Uruguayan is accused of putting the Copa America ahead of the Copa del Rey after deciding to undergo knee surgery following the side's exit from the Champions League.

That bad feeling between the board and sporting department towards Suarez means that the striker is now considered 'transferable'.

Suarez and the board are no strangers when it comes to falling out. His good relationship with Messi means he's often viewed as untouchable but he was singled out for his performances against Liverpool in the Champions League.

Speaking of poorly managed knees, Samuel Umtiti is another in the firing line. He ignored the club's advice to undergo surgery at the beginning of the season and is still feeling discomfort now. That's why he is also available should an acceptable offer come in for his services.

Jordi Alba's stock has crashed as he knows, in each of Barça's major defeats, he's produced massive errors which cost his team an opportunity to win. This comes after he signed a new contract which, according to sources in the club, makes him "the best paid left back in the world".

It's a similar situation to one facing Busquets, who has had a really poor season compared to his usual standards. And then there's Rakitic, who appears certain to leave. His demands of a new contract, the trip to Sevilla following the loss to Liverpool and a sense he's reached the end of the road at the club means he will have to make way for new blood. Frenkie De Jong is expected to replace him in the XI next season.

Some people at Barça want to put Suárez, Rakitic, Alba y Busquets up for sale in order to rejuvenate the squad and, at the same time, reducing the large wage bill.


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