Griezmann's plaque at the Wanda Metropolitano attacked by fans

Atletico supporters have not reacted well to his move to Barcelona

Mi padre me enseñó de pequeño que los trenes no pasan solo una vez, admite Griezmann | FC BARCELONA

Antoine Griezmann is now a Barcelona player and the Atletico Madrid fans have not taken his move to the Catalan club well.

Griezmann's lawyer presented his 120 million euro release clause at La Liga HQ on Friday and Barça later confirmed his signing. He will be presented on Sunday. 

A group of Atletico fans made their way to the Wanda Metropolitano on Saturday, where Griezmann has a plaque outside the stadium, and defaced it. 

Security was unable to prevent the attack and the perpetrators were not identified, either. It was only discovered when another group of passing supporters noticed. 

The French forward has a plaque because he has played over 100 official games for Atletico. He was a genuine idol at the club. 

It's not the first time the plaques have been attacked. Thibaut Courtois, Hugo Sanchez and Sergio Aguero have all faced similar treatment. 

Así quedó la placa de Griezmann | @Tala_Radio

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