Fuming Ernesto Valverde feels badly treated by Barcelona

The coach is angry because the club have not spoke to him during the Xavistorm

Valverde: Siempre hay una inestabilidad permanente cuando pierdes | @rfef


Ernesto Valverde feels badly treated by Barcelona. He has been hurt by the Spanish Super Cup defeat by Atletico but is more upset about how no club representative has got in touch with him to tell him about his future one way or another. He is alone. Valverde is finding out what the club are up to through the media. He’s not officially aware of the negotiations with Xavi Hernandez but full well knows that is going on.

Valverde’s upset comes rom the club’s silence. Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barca’s president, is set to meet with Valverde in the coming days but for now nobody has spoken. Valverde is pissed off.




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