EXCLUSIVE: Marc Bartra's release fee clause drops down to just 8m euros

SPORT have learned that Marc Bartra's release fee clause has dropped from 40 million euros to just eight million, because the Barcelona centre-back has not played the minimum number of games as stipulated in his contract. 

Bartra's "new" contract also gives Barcelona no automatic buy-back option if he is sold. That means they are unlikely to be able to get him back in the future. 

The new contract stuation means he is likely to leave the club in the summer and be one of the biggest bargains in the market. 

The Barcelona player, who on Saturday will give a press conference with the Spanish national team, will confirm the change in his clause and his new situation.

Bartra had a similar situation last summer, where his clause reduced to 12 million euros, but although he had the chance to leave he decided to stay and try to earn a place in the side.



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