EXCLUSIVE Leo Messi interview: Everything I did was for the good of Barcelona

The Barça captain has spoken to SPORT about trying to leave the club this summer

Las declaraciones de Messi en exclusiva para SPORT sobre lo sucedido en las últimas semanas: expresa su deseo de unión con la afición para lograr los objetivos | SPORT.es

Albert Masnou

Leo Messi has spoken exclusively to SPORT for the first time since he announced he would stay at Barcelona. The full interview will be available in SPORT on Wednesday. 

Here are some extracts.

Pull together

"After so many disagreements, I would like to bring an end to everything. We all have to be united and assume that the best is yet to come." 


"I take responsibility for my errors and if they existed, it was only to make FC Barcelona better and stronger." 


"Uniting passion with excitement and motivation will be the only way to achieve our objectives, always united and rowing in the same direction." 

Message for fans

"I wanted to send a message to all the socios and fans that follow us. If at any moment, any of them were annoyed by something that I said or did, let there be no doubts that anything I did was always with the club's best interests in mind." 




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