Exclusive: Joan Laporta reflects on his first 365 days back at Barcelona

Exclusive: Joan Laporta reflects on his first 365 days back at Barcelona

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The president has been back at the club for a year now and spoke to SPORT about the ups and downs

Monday marks one year since Joan Laporta won the elections and returned to Barcelona for a second stint as the club's president. And, to mark a year in charge, Laporta has spoken to SPORT about his first 365 days back at Camp Nou. Five questions, five answers:

1.- Has this year been as you expected?

In part yes and in part no. It's been more complicated than I expected. Basically because of the salary limit. It's complicated a lot of things for us. For that reason, I really value what we've done in that area.

2.- What's been the best and worst of this last year?

The worst thing has been the forced departure of Messi. And the best is seeing how Xavi and his team are recovering the essence of our football. And also the unity that there is among the brave people that make up the board, with our objective of returning joy to the Barcelona supporters. We're working on ways to do that.

3.- Do you regret any of the decisions you have had to take?

I don't regret any decision. I've put the institution above everything and everyone.

4.- Are there any differences between this first year as president, 21-22, and your first year back in 03-04?

There are a lot of differences. Because after the great experience we had during my first spell as president, now with the fact we know what it is to win and play well and to have lived one of the best eras of the club's history, we're anxious to do it again. The experience makes you more demanding.

5.- You said in the campaign you wanted to excite fans again. Have you achieved that?

I said that we would bring the joy back and we're working on ways to achieve that. At the moment, I see more hope than happiness. We are all aware that this hope can become happiness because we're working hard every day, every hour to achieve that: to win trophies and to bring joy back to the supporters.

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