Ernesto Valverde: Messi is always over-interpreted

Ernesto Valverde: Messi is always over-interpreted

Valverde habló sobre las palabras de Messi en la exclusiva de SPORT / | Perform

The coach spoke about his interview with Diario Sport on Thursday

One of the first questions Ernesto Valverde dealt with at his press conference on Friday was about Lionel Messi’s interview with SPORT.

“We’ll see,” said Valverde, when asked if his comments implied there was a rift between the Argentine and the club.

“I don’t have the info because apart from that I didn’t want to read it, I know Leo and I know how he expresses himself.

“Everyone interprets and over interprets it. Anything that he says can be interpreted one way or another with lots of angles. Messi expresses himself natural and I don’t give too much importance to it.”

Asked about Messi’s future, Valverde said: “It’s not something for me to worry about. Everyone decides their own future and the club decides which players to have or not. I’m not at all worried.”

On Messi’s injury, Valverde commented: “At first it seemed like a small break in the recovery. I’m not a medic but he opened the scar a bit and that made us go with more calm. He will be back soon, I don’t know if that’s Tuesday or further down the line, I don’t want to create expectations. I think Tuesday’s difficult, we don’t want to take a step back.”

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