Endrick drifting away from Barcelona as Paris Saint-Germain go big

Endrick drifting away from Barcelona as Paris Saint-Germain go big

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Barça cannot get involved in a bidding war for a medium-term to long-term signing

Palmeiras forward Endrick is edging away from Barcelona as things stand. The 16-year-old star from Brazil has become a priority target for Paris Saint-Germain and the Catalan club are not in a financial position to enter into a bidding ware with a club backed by an entire State.

Barça, as is well known, are undergoing a restructuring process to return to being competitive on all fronts as soon as possible. However, at the beginning of this season, after the summer of the levers (palancas), there are not enough resources to go after a youngster, who is going to become a world figure, but who will only be able to come to Europe in the summer of 2024 when he has turned 18.

And, in this scenario, as much as Endrick is liked (a lot), Barcelona, unfortunately, are not in a position to make a move with the determination required to tie down an aspiring star who has aroused interest among all the big sides in Europe.

It is not, therefore, about stopping the blow of PSG's first move, which, as SPORT advanced, is an offer worth €20 million to be paid in cash. It is a simple issue. Barça do not want to and cannot participate in a medium-term race in which each week that passes more robust competitors will appear.

The sporting committee, which maintains a very good relationship with Endrick's agents, is aware that they cannot ask the player to wait for Barça until the summer market. The battle for the signing of him has precipitated in the worst financial moment for Barça. In addition, the club will put all its possible assets into reinforcing the squad in the winter market after the virtual KO in the Champions League and the defeat in the Clásico at the Bernabéu.

And the scenario is even more negative for the Blaugrana since the president of Palmeiras, Leila Pereira, rejected the first offer from PSG to demand, at least, €35 million as a fee to sell his jewel in the summer of 2024.

Either there is an unexpected script twist, or Endrick's future is edging away from Barcelona, whose urgent needs mean they must park medium-term movements.

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