Elections: Barcelona confirm new president will be elected on January 24

The Catalan club have been without a president since Bartomeu resigned in October

Tusquets, sobre la rebaja salarial y la fecha de las elecciones | FCB

Barcelona have confirmed that the election for a new president to replace Josep Maria Bartomeu will be held on January 24. 


Barça made the announcement on Monday, the same day that former president Joan Laporta announced he would once again run for the presidency. 

Candidates will need to obtain over 2,000 socio signatures to take place in the election with the deadline for those signatures January 11. 

Given the global health pandemic, Barça have also revealed there will be 10 different voting stations around Spain to help as many club members vote as possible. 

A statement from the club read: "The week of December 14 is marked as the beginning of the election calendar, of which more details will be released when necessary.

"In advance news, on Monday, December 14, a meeting of the managing committee is planned to approve the calling of elections; Wednesday, December 16, the official publication of the calling of elections.

"As such, between December 23 and January 11 there would be a period for the collection of supporting signatures; between January 15 and 22, the election campaign. 

"The locations where the electoral colleges will be placed will be: Barcelona, at Camp Nou, in Tarragona, Tortosa, Lleida, Girona and Andorra. Outside Catalonia, there will present in Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca." 



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