Eintracht to play the waiting game and are in no rush to sell Jovic

The president of the German club says they are yet to receive an official offer for their free-scoring striker

El Eintracht se lo toma con calma con Jovic
El Eintracht se lo toma con calma con Jovic | AFP

The battle for Luka Jovic is about to heat up but his current club, Eintracht Frankfurt, are in no hurry to move their star man on. The German team have already deposited the €5.7m agreed fee for the striker - Benfica will retain 20% for any future sale - and now they'll wait for the bidding war to begin.

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Eintracht know that alongside Barça and Bayern a lot of other clubs are willing to make an offer for the Bundesliga's most wanted man. They hope that the increased interest will serve to drive up the asking price which is set to be at least €60m. Not bad for a player you've signed for less than €6m.

At the moment Barça are putting in the groundwork by talking to the player's representatives. This doesn't bother Eintracht as, up until this point, there hasn't been a single offer presented to them. "The fees you see being reported by the media aren't on our desk. There haven't been any offers (yet). Maybe there will be some.. but at the moment that isn't the case," the president of the German club announced on Saturday.



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