DoF Mateu Alemany's advice for Barcelona improve their financial position

The director of football wants smaller squads and more emphasis on youth

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Mateu Alemany, Barcelona's new director of football (an executive role based on negotiating signings and transfers), has got to work on trying to bring order to the club's finances.

According to Onze on Esport3, Alemany has compiled a report comparing the squads of Europe's biggest clubs and has reached a conclusion: Barça need to have a smaller squad and use the B team in case of necessity, not just for the men's football team, but for all the club's professional sides.

The cited information says the director feels Barça's teams are excessively big with respect to their competitors in the Champions League, for example. In addition, comparing performances and salaries, Alemany also feels Barça are paying more than they should.

Therefore, his recommendation is that Barça -- the football team, handball team, futbol sala etc -- have fewer players and, in case of injuries, call on the youngsters at the club. That would lower the wage bill and avoid paying for players like Junior, Pjanic and Umtiti, among others, to do relatively little. Their roles could be taken by B team players.

If that becomes a reality, Alemany believes Barça would greatly improve their financial position, not just because of the cuts to the football team's outgoings, but also to basketball, handball and futbol sala, although in those cases it would obviously be less of a saving.




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