Why doesn't Pablo Torre play more? Girona's diagnosis coincides with Xavi's

Why doesn't Pablo Torre play more? Girona's diagnosis coincides with Xavi's

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The Barcelona midfielder has not had many minutes since joining Girona on loan

Pablo Torre is the fourth player with the fewest minutes (115') for Girona. It's still early, but the numbers highlight an uncomfortable truth for the footballer: he's not competing for a spot in the starting lineup at Girona, either. The situation continues to baffle because Pablo Torre is one of those players who catch the eye.

No one disputes his talent, but there are many doubts among the coaches about the consistency of his game. The question right now is why he doesn't play more for Girona. There is no simple answer, but there are several reasons. The most resounding one is that the teammates he competes with are performing at a high level.

In theory, the system should favor Pablo Torre, as it allows him to play as an attacking midfielder or on the wing with a double pivot covering his back. However, the starters are doing so well that it's very difficult for him to break into the team. Míchel has preferred other options like Iván Martín and Yangel Herrera for the attacking midfield role and doesn't seem to see him playing on the wings, even as a false winger.

Last season, Xavi already hinted that Pablo Torre's problem was more about his contribution without the ball. Xavi insisted that he saw him more as an attacking midfielder than an interior midfielder. "He's more of an attacking midfielder, not as much of a midfielder as Pedri, Gavi, Frenkie, or Kessie. He makes a difference near the box."

According to the 'Tot Costa' program on Catalunya Ràdio, the diagnosis from both Xavi and Míchel regarding the player is similar. He lacks experience and struggles to maintain consistency at the elite level. Coaches believe he still needs to improve his defensive work and be more consistent with the ball. He also tends to take unnecessary risks and puts the team in difficult situations with his ball losses.

Despite this, there is consensus about his potential: he has one of the best strikes in LaLiga and possesses a natural talent for the final ball. During his first season at Barça, coaches were also surprised by his reluctance to play for the reserve team. His breakthrough at Racing, where he became the star of the team at a very young age, and an environment that wasn't very critical of him, might also be working against him, according to these reports.

For now, both in Girona and Barcelona, the diagnosis remains the same: patience is needed with the player. He's only 20 years old, has many aspects to refine, and room for improvement.

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