Dani Alves interview: On a potential return to his home, Barça

Dani Alves interview: On a potential return to his home, Barça

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The Brazilian says if Barcelona need him, all they have to do is call him up

Dani Alves, 38, is interested in coming back to Barcelona. “The only place in the world I have a home.” He spoke to Sport in the Catalan capital.

What does Dani Alves do now?

I went two years without a break because one season led into the next in Brazil because of the pandemic and the calendar. After leaving Sao Paulo I was free and I decided to go on holiday and sort some things out. Now I’m training and waiting for the market to open to find a team.

What team do you want?

I always want a club that will allow me to fight for titles. That’s why I chose Sevilla, Barcelona and everywhere else I went. I want to bring a winning mentality, fighting spirit and conscience wherever I go. If the place had it and lost it, well, time to try and find it.

You played 95 games at Sao Paulo in two years. Do you see yourself playing twice a week at 38?

I am gaining from what I’ve had all my life, which is respect for the profession, discipline and the care you must take. That’s what lets me play at the Olympics against 18 or 20-year-olds and do well. 

I always fought and shut mouths. Mouths talk too much and it always depends on you. When I left Barca they told me I was already too old. I went to Juve, did well and won. I went to PSG, the same. They talk of age. I went to the Copa America in 2019, I won it and the same at Sao Paulo and the Olympics. I don’t care what they think, I’ll always be competitive. I don’t think I’m better than anyone, but I trust my work, dedication and preparation to take on my challenges. 

You’re a free agent, you want to fight for titles, you led youngsters with Sao Paulo and at the Games. Don’t you think you’re the profile Barça needs right now?

It would be taking advantage a bit to say now Barça need me. I always said I left because I saw things weren’t how I thought they should be. You don’t want to see everything that happened before my exit.

I left saying that when Barça needed and wanted me I would return regardless of where I was. There’s too much love, respect and care I have for this home. If Barca think they need me all they need to do is call. I believe I can add things wherever I go but at Barca now especially with the youngsters they have. We were young once and we weren’t prepared to defend a responsibility as big as defending Barca is, no matter how good they are or how much they are spoken about. It’s all new. You need a mix of young and old to give balance and the chance to fight for great things.

The president who signed you is now back…

Joan knows what I think of him and everything he’s done for Barca and all of us. it’s nothing new. It’s explicit and I’ve always said it. I’m delighted he’s back again. He was left with a problem but I think he can solve it, if anyone can, he can. It’s a challenge to put Barca back where they deserve. It’s an era of transition and difficulty and they have to make that clear. Barca will return. It might be half a year. Three months. A year. But they will return because they always have. Those who love the club are ready to help in any way.

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