Braithwaite insists he is not considering a Barcelona exit

Braithwaite insists he is not considering a Barcelona exit

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The Danish striker wants to fulfil the remaining two years on his contract

Martin Braithwaite has insisted once again that he is not considering leaving Barcelona this summer. The Danish striker has analysed his future while with his national team.

"I know I have two more years on my contract," he said, with his current terms running until 2024. "I am having a good time at the club. I have not played much, but we have a good coach and I know that I will probably have an opportunity if I am there and working hard."

Braithwaite still dreams of succeeding at Camp Nou after a tough season with injuries: "I've been in a situation like this before when I wasn't playing and people said I wasn't going to play, but I have always had things against me. What's going to happen this summer is not something that worries me."

In the interview with the newspaper Bold, he added that he has spoken with Xavi Hernandez: "Not many conversations, but he's satisfied with how I work and that's the only thing I can control. The situation is fine. I have come back from an injury when there were a lot of players and we did well. I understand (not playing). Sometimes that's how it is."


Braithwaite insisted that "I have two years left. I can't control anything else, so that's all I am thinking about. If I hope to stay at Barcelona? Honestly, I am not thinking about that, I am with the national team now and I am happy to be here."

In any case, he made it clear he's not considering a loan: "I have a family to think about. The kids would need to change school for a year and come back. I don't see it as an option."

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