Bartomeu and board of directors could resign at Monday's board meeting

The board are meeting to discuss the vote of no confidence but could take more drastic action

Bartomeu: Una Champions es una Champions y se la merecen | FC Barcelona

Toni Frieros

Barcelona received a letter on Friday saying that the Catalan government saw no "legal or health reasons" why the vote of no confidence against Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board could not be held on Nov. 1 and 2. 

The club were stunned, especially when on Sunday, the same government, given the severity of the second wave of the coronavirus in the region, was working on plans to delay elections for the Catalan parliament until February. 

Barça replied by asking them to reconsider. The club want to know how the government can ask citizens to stay at home at the same time as backing a vote which would require the presence of thousands of club members. 

If the government maintains its idea to back the referendum next week, Josep Maria Bartomeu is ready to step down at a board meeting later on Monday. 

Barça want to make it clear that they will hold the referendum because it's the club members' right, but they want to do so when there is no risk to people's health. 

"We won't be complicit in this. People's lives are more important because there will always be time to vote," a source at the club told SPORT. 

On Monday, the board will approve the books for the last season and the budget for this season -- which must then be ratified by members at the AGM, which still doesn't have a date due to the pandemic.  

In any case, Monday's board meeting could be the last of the current board since they took over in 2010. 



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