Barcelona start paperwork to play matches at Montjuic

The club may need to have some games there if Camp Nou renovation goes ahead

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Barcelona have made public an agreement with the city council in which the idea of the club playing games at the Olympic Stadium at Montjuic is openly spoken. The statement was produced relating to the works on the ‘Espai Barca’. 

They explain that it was discussed playing at the stadium during a period of time where the Camp Nou needs no fans because of the works ongoing.

“The idea in any club work is that while it is being done, the stadium does not lower its capacity beyond 80,000. However it has been noted that if the Camp Nou cannot welcome fans for a short period of time, they would be obligated to find a provisional new home and that would be, most likely the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium.

In the statement, Barça clarified that: "After years with the project stopped, it has become obsolete and that the improvements to be made could make the work more expensive. In this context, FC Barcelona has asked the city council to accelerate the permits that will be required for a project that should have been underway years ago."

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