Barcelona looking to break attendance record in USA's biggest stadium


The Michigan Stadium, or 'The Big House' as it's more commonly know, will host Napoli-Barcelona

El imponente Michigan Stadium
El imponente Michigan Stadium | JAVI FERRÁNDIZ.

This evening the Michigan Stadium - or 'The Big House' - will play host to around 107,000 supporters as FC Barcelona take on Napoli in the second leg of the Serie A-La Liga Cup. It's widely concerned the biggest stadium in the entire United States.

David Boti


No NFL side is based there and instead it's one of the sport's most impressive university side's Michigan Wolverines.

Relevent Sports, organisers of this competition, had to ask for special permission to change the grass purely for this match to take place.


There have only ever been three football matches in 'The Big House' before tonight's contest and two of those involved Real Madrid. The very first match there holds the current record - 109,318 - when Manchester United took on Madrid in 2014. Two years later and Madrid faced Chelsea in front of 105,826 supporters. And the final match took place last summer when United met Liverpool and the attendance was 101,254.

Ticket sales have been good throughout the summer but last-minute buyers have been forced to pay a bit more for the chance to see Barça in action.


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