Barcelona and Frenkie de Jong still in a tough spot with the clock ticking

Barcelona and Frenkie de Jong still in a tough spot with the clock ticking

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The midfielder refused to join Manchester United and wants to stay

Barcelona want to find a solution for Frenkie De Jong’s case but for now the situation looks very complicated. The player wants to stay at Barcelona despite his ostracism in the preseason at centre back and the club have made it known that if he lowers his salary, that is possible. However, people close to the player are not willing to accept that.

They don’t understand Barcelona‘s expenditure this summer in terms of transfers if they’re asking De Jong to take a pay cut on his deferred salary. The club are clear they are not able to pay his salary this season and need him to fit into the new scale, but an agreement is very difficult. If there is not an understanding the club will try and move him on but it’s clear that the Dutchman does not want to go to Manchester United. He is in control of the situation. The curiosity is that Barça and United have a deal for the player but he doesn’t want to go. Barring a miracle, that door is absolutely closed.

Chelsea are another club that has shown interest but they have not made an official offer. They just dipped their toes into the water and made it clear they would not pay as much as the €80 million that Manchester United are willing to pay. If Barcelona lower their prices then perhaps there will be a deal and De Jong is much more open to moving to London. It’s been a long summer on this front and the solution is still not clear and easy.

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