Memphis Depay remains stubborn and does not want to facilitate his departure from Barça

Memphis Depay remains stubborn and does not want to facilitate his departure from Barça

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The striker is very reluctant to leave Barça and wants to either continue or find a high-paying Champions League club

Barça have begun to mount pressure on Memphis to leave Barça as soon as possible. Both the club and the striker have some palatable offers on the table, but the Dutchman has not shown much in the way of interest so far. Barça have already begun putting wheels in motion and Xavi Hernandez will speak with the player to convince him by explaining that he will not have much game time. So far, Memphis has only thought of staying, pushing away potential buyers.

FC Barcelona have little more than 15 days before the start of the La Liga season, and they must close their sales soon. Memphis' current form has garnered a lot of interest in the market, with a lot of offers at hand, but the player is against the notion of leaving, largely due to the effort he took to come to Barça.

Both Memphis and his agent have long made it clear that his will is to continue and fulfil his contract at Barça. Despite the signings, he is convinced that he will end up playing as he did at the end of last season. Doubts began to loom over his future earlier this month, but the Dutchman recalled that he arrived at the club on a free transfer, as well as taking a salary cut. Hence he finds it hard to digest that not only is he up for sale but that to for a high price of 20 million euros.

The Dutchman would likely be demanding a high salary from the clubs that have been interested in him, making any transfer difficult. There is still time, but Barça already senses that they will have to lower their fee demands for a sale to expedite the issue, and also ensure that the player is willing to leave.

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