Barcelona doing the maths to sign Erling Haaland

The club could sell a stake in Barca Studios to help afford the Norwegian goal grabber

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Barcelona’s main objective next summer is signing Erling Haaland. The Borussia Dortmund forward will be the new leader of the Barcelona attack in the club’s plans, but the operation will be extremely delicate, financially speaking.

Per Goal, Haaland’s arrival at Barca will need to be financed by a sale. That sale is 49 per cent of Barça Studios. That would bring in around 100 million euros. 

Haaland’s move to Camp Nou would set the club back 75m in a fee, plus 40m in commissions and 50m euros in salary before tax. In total, close to 200m euros.

Barcelona are currently suffering from the 4-1 rule limiting their spending. They can spend only 1m for every 4m saved. However they are working a new sponsorship deal after Rakuten and Beko.

The Goal article says Barcelona are hoping to get about 400m euros worth of budget, whereas this season the cap is 97m.



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