Valverde puede quedarse con Vidal

Barcelona dig their heels in and won't sell Aleix Vidal on the cheap

The offers so far have not been up to Barça's valuation

Sevilla, Roma and Inter are the interested parties

Albert Masnou

Barcelona are ready to hang on to Aleix Vidal until the end of the season if no satisfactory offer arrives. That's the decision the club have taken. 

Vidal is on the exit ramp is one of the players the club are prepared to move on. They feel he's a player they could make back some of the momey they spent on him: 22 million euros in 2015. He has options and his performances have meant there is interest. 

Barça feel his role in the squad, though, could be played by B team players. However, the club's demands (10 million euros) have not been met. Sevilla, the only club to maintain a firm interest, want a loan with an obligatory eight million deal in the summer if they qualify for the Champions League. 

The Catalan club will not accept that and have decided to dig their heels in. They are prepared to let Vidal leave, but only if their conditions are met. With Mascherano, Turan and Rafinha gone, there's no rush. 

Other interested teams include Inter and Roma. It remains to be seen if either will make a serious offer for Vidal, though. 


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