Barcelona deny they have a deal with Adrien Rabiot

The French midfielder is a target for the Catalans but nothing is in place yet

El perfil de Rabiot | Perform

Barcelona have denied that they have a deal with Adrien Rabiot, as was claimed by Le Parisien. PSG said on Monday that their negotiations with the player had been broken and if he did not leave in January he would spend the rest of the season on the bench or in the stands. In France they said that Rabbit’s ‘No’ to PSG was because he had a deal with Barca, but the Catalans say they have not signed anything.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Barca want to act openly and clearly on the issue. They met PSG to explain their interest in the player and this summer sent in a bid which was rejected.

There was a second attempt but PSG said Rabiot was not transferrable and announced negotiations to try to renew his deal.

From then Barca were waiting for the talks to break up. In January he can negotiate with any other team without a problem, and that is when Barcelona will move for him.

At PSG they think Barca may have gone behind their backs. This summer they sent FIFA a message threatening a possible denouncement of the Catalans.

But Barca say there is no deal and many clubs are talking to the Frenchman to sound out his future.


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