Barcelona captains won't negotiate further pay cuts with the club

Barcelona captains won't negotiate further pay cuts with the club

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Many Barça players have already accepted big reductions to their wages

Barça urgently needs a financial boost to deal with the salary limit and in recent weeks the option of applying further wage cuts to the squad has been put on the table again -- in some cases more strongly than others.

Many eyes are on the elder players in the squad and their big salaries, but the captains flatly refuse to lower their salary again because they have already done so twice and it is not their turn again. No one from the club has told them anything, but they are not and will not be up for more negotiations this summer.

The captains Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and Gerard Piqué have already negotiated reductions during the pandemic and last summer they lowered their salary again so that the club could register new players. In the case of Sergi Roberto, it is different because he has just renewed his contract, already lowering his terms by 50%.

The club is studying what measures to take this summer. For now, no decision has been made, although the players already fear that there will be calls in the coming weeks.

In any case, neither Busquets, Alba nor Piqué are ready to lower their salary further if the club calls. They understand that they have been the players in the squad who have made the most sacrifice in recent months and that other types of solutions should be sought.

It is also true that there are players who have not reduced their salary at all and others who only accepted a small discount accompanied by a renewal at the time. It seems that Barça could have to negotiate with these players who have has their salary touched very little in these months to reach agreements.

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