Barcelona appeal Ferran Torres' red card against Atletico Madrid

Barcelona appeal Ferran Torres' red card against Atletico Madrid

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The forward was sent off in stoppage time for clashing with Savic

The scuffle between Stefan Savic and Ferran Torres has been reviewed by Barcelona's legal team to find out if there was a possibility of presenting an appeal against the red card that the Blaugrana forward received.

Viewing the images again, and with the text that appears in the referee's report, the club considered it necessary to fight the red card that official Soto Grado showed in stoppage time -- Savic was also sent off.

Therefore, before the competition committee even announces the punishment that Ferran will receive, Barça, have decided to appeal the red card amid the threat of a multi-game ban.

According to the referee's report, "in the 90th minute the player (11) Torres García, Ferran was sent off for the following reason: Persistently grabbing an opponent by the hair, while the ball was in play but not within a distance of being played between them".

A very similarly worded comment defines the reason that for the referee also showed a red card to Savic.

Now, both players are waiting to know the punishment imposed, although Barça have moved quickly to try to mitigate the harshness of the sanction and try to lose Ferran for as few games as possible.

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