Barcelona's request to furlough staff authorised by the government

Espanyol, Atletico and Alaves have also applied for ERTEs in Spain

El comunicado de Messi sobre el ERTE del Barça | sport

The Catalan government has given Barcelona permission to furlough staff during the coronavirus pandemic, authorising them to apply ERTEs (Expediente Regulador Temporal de Empleo).

The ERTEs will not be used for first-team players, who reached an agreement with the club to have their salaries cut by 70 percent. In addition, the players will contribute additional money to ensure that none of the non-sporting staff placed on furlough will see their wages cut. 

However, Barça B, the U19s and the other professional teams will be placed on furlough, seeing their wages cut by 70 percent, as will the non-sporting staff. 

Barça, therefore, now have the go-ahead to move ahead with those measures this week as they seek to minimise the financial effects of Covid-19. 

The ERTE has been applied for Force Majeur reasons and with La Liga's backing. The league, in fact, has urged club to take measures. 

In addition to Barça, Espanyol and Alaves have also applied for ERTEs. They have also received permission. However, Atletico have not yet had authorisation but expect it to arrive in the coming days. 



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