Barca will not have fans at home this season

Barca will not have fans at home this season

The Catalans are not among the clubs that will be allowed some supporters

There will be fans back in stadiums this season, but not in Barcelona. The Minister of Culture and Sports, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes confirmed as much on Wednesday afternoon. However only the Balerarics, Valencia community and Galician community can have fans as they are currently facing minimum threat from the pandemic. So the top four, Atletico, Barca, Madrid and Sevilla, will not have fans.

Uribes says clubs can have up to 30% of their capacity filled, with a maximum of 5,000 fans. Mallorca, Villarreal, Elche, Celta Vigo, Lugo, Valencia, Levante and Castellon will therefore be the only sides with supporters in the stands this season.

Only home fans can go, keeping 1.5m distance between them, entry and exit have to be done in a scaled fashion, and nothing is allowed to be consumed or smoked inside the stadium.

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