Barça vice president Yuste: "We are in contact with Lionel Messi's camp"

Barça vice president Yuste: "We are in contact with Lionel Messi's camp"

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Messi's return in the summer seems to be more than possible based on Yuste's comments

FC Barcelona vice-president Rafa Yuste confirmed at the press conference to present the 10th edition of the Barça Academy World Cup that the club's sporting management is in contact with Leo Messi's camp in order to explore the Argentine star's return to Spotify Camp Nou. The right-hand man of Joan Laporta, who considers that "beautiful stories in life must end well," has positioned himself in favour of the return of the best player in the history of the Catalan club.

"Leo [Messi] and his family know how fond I am of them. I took part in the negotiations that unfortunately did not lead to a successful outcome. I have a thorn in my side that Leo couldn't stay at our club. If we are talking about Masia and grassroots football, we are talking about Messi. Of course I would love him to come back. For what he could represent on a sporting, social and economic level. We are in contact with them, yes," was his response to SPORT's question.

Yuste also wished "that all the conditions could come together so that this mutual love story ends with Messi at Barça. When you are in love and you separate from someone, you always want to stay in love. Even if you lose contact. We will always be in love with Leo and he will always be in love with Barça and the city of Barcelona. I am one of those who think that destiny is wise."

The Barcelona director has ruled out an immediate bid for Messi. "There are two months left in which we have to work, especially Mateu and Jordi, to first present our viability plan to Javier Tebas. Afterward, if the conditions are met, because Leo is a PSG player and I wouldn't like to talk about anything more than my tastes and desires, we would put forward the possibility of welcoming him. We don't want to interfere in PSG's day-to-day business."

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