Barca medics under the microscope after Dembele's latest injury blow

There is a feeling in the club that he should not have been passed fit for the game

Dembélé salió y marcó
Dembélé salió y marcó | sport

Ousmane Dembele’s injury against Olympique Lyon has opened up a row at the heart of the club. The reason is that it is a relapse and in some sectors of the dressing room, asked by this newspaper, they believe it is the product of “negligence” from some Barca medics. For them to have given him clearance to play, he should have been totally recovered from the hamstring problems that he suffered against Rayo Vallecano.

Dembele will be out for a month because the risks were not properly evaluated - within the club there is belief that he should not have been included to play against Lyon.

The reasons are that the injury happened recently, without time to recover, and the player’s explosiveness exposes him to extra risks. The inexperience of Dembele in knowing his own body also stops him evaluating properly when he should risk it and when he shouldn’t - something that also happened to Lionel Messi, but later he learned how to manage himself and now is a master at it.

The French player, much more mature after the bad experiences he had last season and at the start of this, is hurt again by this new blow which could keep him out of the Champions League quarter-final first leg.

There is a feeling in the French clan at Barca that they must make their own decisions, and not to stick to the opinion of the doctors because, without going further, Umtiti was advised to take an operation and has shown that he could recover without going under the knife.


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