Barca delighted to find Philippe Coutinho in condition to play... or be sold

The Brazilian is fit and the club want to place him at a new side now

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David Salinas

Philippe Coutinho will not have more chances at FC Barcelona. The sporting directors have decided he will not stay next season. His performance has always been below what was expected of him and injuries have plagued his miserable spell as Barcelona’s record signing.

Doubts existed over his physical condition since he was operated on in Brazil on April 5. He has his left knee cyst taken out in his homeland. That came after an arthroscopy on January 2 after a meniscus knee injury in the same knee in December 2020.

Time out was expected to be three months but because of complications, Coutinho has missed seven. Barca paid 120m euros + 40m in variables to Liverpool for the player in January 2018.

Coutinho is back in Barcelona for pre-season and after overcoming an exhaustive check up, the Catalans see he’s in condition to play. Good news for the player and for Barca, who had feared the worst.

Now they are trying to find him an exit to lower the team’s big fat salary problem. There is talk Marseille will be interested in him with the help of a sponsor to seal the deal, and various Premier League sides who remember him well from his Liverpool days when he was at his best.



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