Barça coach Ronald Koeman on car attack: It's a social problem

Koeman gave his view on the events which marked his exit from Camp Nou on Sunday

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"It's a social problem, not just here but across the world." That's how Ronald Koeman assessed the incident which marked his departure from Camp Nou after Sunday's Clasico loss to Real Madrid. The Barcelona coach's car was surrounded by supporters who shouted insults and hit his vehicle. Before Wednesday's trip to Rayo Vallecano, he spoke about the events in a press conference.

"It's a social problem, I don't think there's a solution to what happened when I left the stadium, it's people with education problems who don't have morals or values," he said. "The atmosphere in the ground was the opposite, even at 2-0. We should not focus too much on these people. We've already seen it in the videos they record when we go in and out of the training ground."

There was a moment when Koeman admitted he thought about getting out the car: "I wasn't scared, I had my wife alongside me, two people behind us... There was a moment I thought I was going to get out and then I thought I better now. I understand people are not happy but you don't expect that. There's a lot of 'Tik Tok' and they want you to get involved with them."

Finally, he highlighted that he was not the only one to suffer: "It seems as if it was just me, but players and their families experienced the same thing. Perhaps it was more exaggerated in my case, but it even happened to Carles Puyol. We have to find a formula to leave the stadium so this doesn't happen. It's a social problem that exists across the world."



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