Arsene Wenger: Barcelona have lost their charisma

The ex Arsenal boss was not impressed with the Catalans against Slavia

El Barça vuelve a los entrenamientos tras la derrota ante el Levante | EFE

Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger blasted Barcelona while working as a pundit. He thought their performance against Slavia Prague was bad and the attitude of the players was not right either.

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"(Despite being) leaders of La Liga and their Champions League group... they are playing like a team in crisis, because the play is too slow, without dynamism, and very individualistic in the final meters. When they lose the ball they could concede a goal on the counter because they aren't closing down the space for the opponent."

Wenger added: "Barcelona are an interesting case because they have a history of brilliant collective team play and then they also had Leo Messi who made the difference. Today it seems they play expecting something from Messi. Before the music was beautiful, of a fantastic team waiting for Messi to appear. Today they have lost their charisma and you have to ask how much the last two Champions League failures have affected them. From outside it seems they've lost their charisma."


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