Antoine Griezmann now looks set to join PSG instead of Barça

Following the rejection from the Camp Nou dressing room to his potential arrival, the forward is now expected join Tuchel's team

 El jugador podría haber firmado un acuerdo con el club parisien | sport

Toni Frieros

Antoine Griezmann has done it again. He's played the world when it comes to making a decision on his future. Last season he made Atletico Madrid and Barça wait for his decision which ultimately saw him remain in the Spanish capital. He even produced a mini-documentary about his thought process and the offers available to him. Five days ago he didn't know where he would be playing, now he does.

Griezmann strangely announced his decision to leave Atletico whilst the season was ongoing. What would have happened if he'd picked up an injury before then?

Heading to Barça?

In these moments, sources close to the deal say FC Barcelona will pay the French forward's buyout clause of €120m on the 1st July. Until that day neither club, nor the player, will say it's a done deal. Which means we are once again part of Griezmann's guessing game, something which he seems to enjoy.

However, it isn't entirely clear whether Barça will be his next club. Rumours are gathering pace that Griezmann has reached an agreement with PSG to replace Cavani in their attack. It's suggested Griezmann has already met with Nasser Al-Khelaifi and everything has been signed off. 

Apparently the rejection from the dressing room, as well as part of the fan base, is the reason why Griezmann has opted for PSG instead of Barça. No one wants to go where they aren't wanted. But there are plenty of people at the club which feel Griezmann would fit in perfectly at the Camp Nou, despite others' reservations.

Rodrigo, Neymar...

Due to the lack of movement and belief in a deal happening, Barça have begun to consider different options which won't cause large divides amongst the dressing room. Those options can be found in both LaLiga and abroad.

Valencia's Rodrigo Moreno is an option, so too are Neymar (PSG) and Marcus Rashford (Manchester United). All potential alternatives. Barça's move for Griezmann has stalled but the forward himself knows where he'll be playing next season.



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