Another dig from Alfonso towards Guardiola & Pique over Catalan independence


Former Barcelona player Alfonso Perez has been obsessed for a while with discrediting Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola and Barça defender Gerard Pique for their position of favour on a referendum for independence in Catalonia. 

Alfonso has once again hit out in quotes to 'Al loro' on 'Radio Marca' presented by Jordi Anjauma. 

On Guardiola, he said: "It would have been most honest if Guardiola, being such a Catalan, would have renounced the Spanish national team. I'm not against the Catalans. My son was born in Barcelona and if I was radical he would have been bored in Madrid or Seville. I have nothing against Catalans, but I do against those pushing for independence." 

The former Madrid, Betis and Barça man put Pique in the same bracket, despite the fact the centre-back has never publicly come out in favour of independence -- only a referendum to let the people decide. But Alfonso doesn't see any difference. 

He added: "Pique is in the same situation as Guardiola. What's happening is that he's playing at the moment and when the moment arrives he will position himself as radically as Pep Guardiola. He's positioned with independence in Catalonia."

In the interview, Alfonso said that "I am honest and I've been Barça since I was young. In Valladolid we went to see Valladolid-Barça when I was nine and Nuñez gave a friend of mine a banner, but not me, leaving me without one. When I went to Madrid at 13, I changed to Madrid and felt I identified with the team. Today I feel more identified with Madrid than Barça."


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