Andreas Christensen blamed Cesc Fabregas for the Messi goal

Chelsea fans think Cesc could have done more to intercept the ball

Andreas Christensen cometió un error imperdonable en defensa que propició el gol del empate del Barça en Stamford Bridge  | BEINSPORTS

Andreas Christensen was the player criticised by everyone for the pass that let Lionel Messi in to score at Stamford Bridge. However the tabloids and Chelsea fans are also pointing the blame at Cesc Fabregas.

And Christensen appeared to as well. After the goal, the Danish defender turned to Fabregas and gestured at him, shouting in dismay.

In the play in question, Christensen played a poor pass which Cesc might have been able to intercept but didn't, leading to Iniesta reaching it ahead of Azpilicueta and the captain teed up Messi to score.

The Sun published tweets from Chelsea fans. 

"The pass from Christensen was not criminal. You’re taught to trust your team mates. Pass the ball to them. Fabregas decided to leave the ball. God knows now," said one.

Another added: "Christensen's pass last night may have been poor but I still believe Fabregas should get there comfortably."


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