Andreas Christensen 'asks' to be used as a pivot for Barca

Andreas Christensen 'asks' to be used as a pivot for Barca

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Andreas Christensen is sure: if it were up to him, he would try out in one of Barça's upcoming matches as the defensive pivot. In a statement to the Danish website 'Sport TV2', the defender says he feels ready to move up a position and admits how frustrated he was to be left on the bench in the Champions League game against Porto.

"I haven't been asked yet, but I think it could be a lot of fun. We've had a few injuries and I think it will be fine. I've tried it before, so it won't be new, but I haven't been asked yet," Andreas explained about the option of playing as a pivot. The player himself confirmed that he is looking forward to the option. "I'd like to try it out a few times and have the opportunity to see what it's like," he said.

It should be remembered that Xavi recently referred to the possibility of using Christensen as a defensive pivot. Xavi admitted that it is an alternative, although he stressed that it is not a priority as he also has other options at the base of the squad. SPORT explained a few days ago that the former Chelsea player was a non-priority option but a real one in the event of another injury or other limitations in midfield.

Christensen said he was frustrated to be dropped for the Porto game as he has been a regular starter, a status he had held since signing for Barça in the summer of 2022. "Yes, I was frustrated. I always will be if I don't play. It was only in the game against Mallorca that I thought I needed to rest because I'd had some minor ailments. But since I've been at full strength I wanted to play, so it was frustrating," he said.

The coaching staff opted for the Araujo-Kounde pairing in Portugal to try to better defend open spaces, without underestimating Andreas by any means. Now, the Frenchman's injury has put the Dane back in the theoretical starting eleven, so he is a certainty to start the Clasico.

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