Alejandro Grimaldo: I'd never say no to Barcelona


Alejandro Grimaldo: I'd never say no to Barcelona

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The left back is doing well for Benfica and will face his old club

Alejandro Grimaldo will enjoy a special game on Wednesday. For the first time since leaving in 2016, he will face former side Barcelona. The left back spoke to SPORT ahead of the game. This is an extract from the full interview, out on Tuesday.

The door to Barca is open or is that chapter over?

It’s not a closed chapter. Barcelona is my home and I won’t shut the door to my home ever. It’s clear they’re still one of the v best teams and I’d never say no.

Returning is something you’ve thought about if you leave Benfica?

It’s something I thought, that when I left it was a see you later, not a goodbye. I was there eight years. I’m very happy at Benfica, I feel important here. But it’s clear Barcelona is my home and I have a lot of love for it.

If you score on Wednesday, would you celebrate?

Even my parents have asked me that! I won’t celebrate if it comes up. I’m going to be happy because I want to win the game and I’ll fight to the death for Benfica.

You’re excited.

Yes, because it will be very special. I’ve been here many years wondering if Barca would come because I want to go back to Camp Nou and play there. It’ll be nice this game at home then at Camp Nou.



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