10 of the most controversial comments about Felix Brych

Felix Brych's refereeing in Barcelona's 2-1 win over Atletico Madrid has become one of the most controversial topics in the fall-out from the game. Lots of people have spoken about the official and here are 10 of the most widely shared quotes...

Filipe Luis

"This Barça is protected. They have a lot of strength. They've punished us with the maximium strength. Note that they're afraid to see them eliminated. This would do damage to UEFA."

Miguel Angel Gil Marin (Atletico chief executive)

"Rummenige wants semi-finals between those that he thinks are in charge, and he will end up getting it."


"This already smells very bad"


"What a robbery!"

Fernando Torres

"The worst thing is that UEFA are worried about the colour of the shirts and not of putting a suitable referee at the right level"

Hermel (TV pundit)

"The dramatics of Busquets were key in Torres' expulsion"

Alfredo Duro (TV pundit)

"UEFA's disciplinary committee should punish Suarez"

Pederol (TV pundit)

"It's been scandalously refereed, it's not right to take away Atletico's hope"

Joaquin Maroto (TV pundit)

"Brych has come out of the cave of 40 thieves to blow out the candle of Barcelona, who have three games with help"

Tomas Roncero (TV pundit)

"Life continues the same.... send someone off and they are still 11" (with a photo of Messi complaining to the ref"



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