'Danger' with Dembélé's €50m clause but Xavi relationship is key

'Danger' with Dembélé's €50m clause but Xavi relationship is key

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The French winger is out of contract at Barcelona in 2024

Ousmane Dembélé and FC Barcelona are on good terms after the first formal and official meeting to discuss a contract renewal. 

Dembélé's agent Moussa Sissoko met with Barça's director of football Mateu Alemany (before the whole issue of his departure after 30 June 'exploded') and, although there was no formal offer or agreement in principle, Barça did convey to him their interest in extending the winger's contract. 

He is one of the pillars of Xavi's project and he was made aware of this. From here on, logically, it will not be a simple or quick agreement. There is an important factor in the whole equation and it is the fact that this summer a clause of 'only' 50 million euros will be activated for Ousmane. 

This is what was signed in July 2022, when the Évreux native's contract had already expired: signature until 2024 and a 50 million clause for the summer. 

What does this imply? Well, it is a very attractive amount for any TOP European club (and almost any Premier League club with what they are paying). And that important offers are already arriving at the door of the former Borussia Dortmund player. And with more to come. 

It is clear that Dembélé is at ease in Barcelona and at the club and feels highly valued by Xavi, with whom he has established a very good relationship.


In fact, the coach does not tire when he has the opportunity to put Dembélé on a pedestal: "He is the best player in one-on-one situations, there are few in the world like him. Ask the full-backs in LaLiga who they prefer." 

But Ousmane will also want to feel valued on a contractual level and that low clause means that the offers he receives in terms of conditions could be important. That is why we said that it will not be a simple or quick negotiation and that Barça will have to make an effort. Even so, as we said, the feeling is good.

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