Andrey Arshavin's son plays for the Barça Academy in Moscow

Arseny Arshavin joined the Russian school in September of 2018

Arseny Arshavin, el rubio en primera fila, con sus compañeros de equipo, su padre y el director de la Barça Academy Moscú, Jordi Gratacós

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11/11/2019 - sport

Andrey Arshavin's son plays for the Barça Academy in Moscow



The name Andrey Arshavin is well known. The former Russian footballer was in fashion after starring at Euro 2008 and he later signed for Arsenal in the Premier League. 

Josep Capdevila


Prior to moving to England he had drawn interest from a number of other clubs, including Barcelona. He even featured on the cover of SPORT on more than one occasion. 

Arshavin, 38, is now retired. He left the game one year ago but everything suggests the name Arshavin may have life in it yet... in the form of his son. 

Arseny Arshavin has been at the Barça Academy in Moscow, Russia, since 2018. The academy is directed by Jordi Gratacó. And it seems the young Arshavin is quite good. 

For example, he was recently chosen as the player of the week, a competition within the Russian academy. Curiously, each team is given the name of a player or ex-player and Arseny's team is called... Messi. 

Many offspring of famous footballers are embedded or have been embedded in the Barça Academy scheme. Gerard Pique, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez's kids are all involved. 

Elsewhere, former Real Madrid player Robinho's son was playing for the Barça Academy in Istanbul, while former goalkeepers Rustu and Kameni also have children at the academy.


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