Putting Pedri to the test on Spain's sweepstake, Doha and more

Putting Pedri to the test on Spain's sweepstake, Doha and more

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The Barcelona midfielder answered some quickfire questions from Sport

Sport met Pedri in Qatar and put him to the test...

Luis Enrique said in a stream that Gavi is first in the World Cup results guessing because you did it for him, is that true?

Incredible, he is leading, but he did it. I am pitiful. In the Euros I was terrible and in this I am last.

Excuse me for insisting, but there are those who say that the papers were changed with Gavi and he did yours and vice versa...

No, no, he did it, he did it randomly and he was lucky.

We see that you are having a good time here at the University of Doha…

We play ping-pong, billiards, that results guessing game, you watch the games in case your result comes in. Yes, we are enjoying it.

Is there a lot of competition?

Especially in ping-pong, PlayStation and billiards.

Who is the one who wins the most?

In ping-pong, which I play with Ferran and Eric, I win, otherwise I'll get angry. At PlayStation I see Nico, Ansu, Balde and Gavi playing, I think Nico and Ansu win.

Don't you play cards?

They are for the most veteran players, the ‘Pocha’ I think it's called and I don't know how to play this. They have not taught me.

Have you got rid of the hazing yet?

This time it was Balde’s turn when he arrived. He has debuted in all the things that he could debut in and nothing else is left for him to do.

Balde confessed that he was a bit afraid of what you would make him do...

He had to sing and dance in front of the group, it's just to laugh for a while, which is what it's all about.

Can you specify what he did?

He chose the song, I don't remember what he sang, but it was fun.

We see that this dressing room is very musical.

We play music before games and have fun. Personally, in the shower, in my room, I put on my music and relax.

Which is your favorite group?

I already said it's Quevedo, I have to go for the home option.

If you score will you do the classic glasses or the Laporte dance?

Laporte's dance doesn't work out for me, I'll make the glasses for my father.

Which team-mate do you like to banter the most?

Gavi because he gets annoyed a lot, he gets hot under the collar for nothing and he's someone you can wind up. He is the same on and off the field.

Has he already learned to lace up his boots?

He already knew, but since they are almost always unlaced, he has gotten used to playing like that and feels comfortable.

And who banters you off the most?

Especially Ferran and Eric.

They say that you even dare to joke with the coach...

From time to time, I play pranks on everyone, but when the coach is in a good mood, you have to know it (smiles).

And with the coach's son-in-law?

Of course, I always play jokes on him, Ferri knows how to pinch me on the arm and I get incredibly angry.

Do you know anything about how Dembélé is doing?

Yes, we talked on WhatsApp, the other day we made a video call and some Barça players were together, it's always fun.

Did you know that Dembélé was afraid of cats, as a team-mate has confessed, with the many that there are here in Qatar?

I didn't know, but Ousmane can surprise you any time.

If you win the World Cup, what will you do?

I said that I will shave my head and, although I regret it a little, I will do it.

Would you rule out dressing in a Qatari tunic?

Yes, it's very hot.

How did you take advantage of your day off?

I was with the family and we went to eat, I was very happy to be with them.

Have you been able to tour Doha?

Not much, I’m not really a tourist. I prefer to speak to my family, to be calm. Talk about how I’m living the World Cup and how they are too.

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